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August Simlucast Schedule

Posted by Administrator on July 24, 2011 at 9:53 PM

Hey Everyone,

We have been pushing through some great episodes from February to July with Raikage vs. Sasuke, Sasuke vs. Danzo and Naruto confronting Sasuke. We are now into the Fourth Shinobi War/ Naruto confining his Nine Tails arc but we have some bad news on the way it looks like we are heading to filler/ cannon territory as August shows some possible episodes that are related somewhat to the story but more of filler style. Here is the rundown


The Young Man and the Sea

“Seinen to Umi” (青年と海)

A young fisherman named Yusuke is determined to battle sea monsters alone in an attempt to avenge his father’s death by the creatures. In his attempt to do so, he meets Naruto and the crew who are on their way to a secret island in the Land of Lightning.


The Merchant Ninja of Venice

“Benisu no Shōnin” (紅州の商忍)

Naruto and the crew drop by on an uninhabited island where they surprisingly meet with Sakura, who’s gathering medical plants.

August 11


The Cursed Ghost Ship

“Norowareta Yūreisen” (呪われた幽霊船)

Due to thick fog, Naruto and the crew come to a near stand still in their travel. All of a sudden, they notice a ghastly ship emerging from the distance.

August 18


Battleship Island

“Senkan no Shima” (戦艦の島)

Naruto and the crew continue their journey when they are suddenly attacked by a group of pirates on a battleship-like island.

August 25

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